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For the benefit and convenience of individual who want to establish a LLC in order to have checkbook control over their self-directed IRA funds, our attorneys have created a website that allows individuals to create their state specific LLC and operating agreement online at a fraction of the cost if done in a lawyer’s office.

The operating agreements are identical to what our attorneys would provide if drafted in our office. Think of the site as the LegalZoom for self-directed IRAs.

The benefits to using this site over having our attorneys (or another attorneys) draft the operating agreement anew are:

  • Cost reduction of 40% or more.
  • Speed – You can download the operating agreement immediately after providing the information needed for the agreement.
  • Reliability – The forms can be reviewed by experienced IRA professionals if you want an additional layer of review.
  • You can complete the process at your own pace and convenience.

The website is Please be aware that use of this website does NOT create an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship is only created if you hire an attorney from our firm. IRAVillage, like LegalZoom is a legal form website but is not a substitute if you need the advice or expertise of an attorney.

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