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IRA Tax Lawyers

We are a law practice devoted exclusively to helping self-directed retirement plan clients meet their legal needs.

Legal Services

Legal Consultation

Opinion Letter

Solo 401k

Starting or Acquiring a Business


Tax Preparation

Draft Agreements or Contracts

New to Self-Directed Retirement Plan?

Click Here for Guidance.
If all you need for your self-directed IRA is a LLC and Operating Agreement. Click here for 40% discount on state customized agreements and LLC formation.

For clients who are interested in unlocking the investment potential of self-directed retirement plans we help clients at each stage of the legal process:

How Can I or Should I Use a Self-Directed Retirement Plan? – Services include:

  • Free consultations.
  • Opinion letters- where certainty is needed for complex situations.
  • Help select IRA custodian for and transfer funds to the self-directed Plan.

Need to Establish a LLC for “Checkbook” Control for Self-Directed IRAs – Services Include:

  • Draft operating agreement and establish the LLC
  • Serve as Special Advisor for the LLC

Want to Use Retirement Plan to Start a Business, Acquire a Business, or Provide Additional Capital – Services include:

  • Consultation to understand your business objectives and choose the most effective plan
  • Provide a dedicated attorney through the entire process
  • Maintain legal compliance of the plan

Post Implementation of the Plan – Services Include: